Crabs R Us

Friday, May 27th, 2011 — Telstar* did a salmon/crab combo today with 5 anglers on board. Fished up northoff of Ten Mile beach. We fished for awhile in 150 feet of water with no action and lots of kelp and seaweed to try and dodge. We moved offshore to about 350 ft of water. The conditions look great in both areas. We had one on for a couple of minutes and lost it and had a couple other bites. After a couple of hours of that, we decided to go into the beach and run our crab pots, which we put in this morning. We ended up with 46 crabs for the 5 anglers. We stopped and fished for 45 minutes to an hour on the way in, but again, no action. End score- 0 fish, 9 crabs around. The ocean was beautiful and the sun was shinning. Not bad considering that we woke up to rain this morning. Picture left to right; Leticia, Alex (10 years old), Summer (6 years old), and Alberto Perez. A nice family from Carson City, Nv. showing off their catch!  We all had a very enjoyable time.

      Capt Randy

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