May 29th, 2011

Not much to say for the day. For the most part, the weather was pretty nice. We went up north and ran our crab pots first thing. Lately I’ve been having a problem with starfish getting in the pots and letting the crabs out. So, our counts were a bit off. Then, we went offshore and fished for some salmon. Between the current and the wind, I didn’t have much choice where I wanted to go. We had no bites, and then the wind decided to really blow. At that time we all decided it was time to go get our crab pots and head for port. By the time we arrived at the crab grounds, the wind was really cranking on. Pretty steady 30kts. The crew worked excellent and we managed to stack all 20 pots and return safely home. End count was 5 crabs around. Fish-On!

     Capt Randy

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