Windy days

June 21, 2011 — finally got some relief from the wind. The forecast was calling for wind, but it didn’t show here. My last few salmon trips have been unsuccessful. Today was the first day Ive been able to get out to 300 feet of water. Early in the trip we went up north and ran our crab gear and yielded only a crab a pot. We fished all over up there from 120 feet of water out to 250 feet. Everything looks fishy! We had one small fish on for awhile but lost it. After a couple of hours we went in to run our crab pots again and scored 4 keepers per pot!! With limits of crabs for 10 anglers I thought we’d try a little more fishing on the way home. I went out to 300 feet of water off Pudding Creek and some nice edges were forming. I started marking some fish and decided to get some gear wet. I about 10 minutes we were hooked up. Harry Zabel from Upper Lake landed a 17 pound king! Next to him in the picture is Bob Barthel from Kelseyville showing some nice crabs. We ended up with one more fish on before we had to head in but lost it near the boat. I guess that’s how they get bigger. We’ll get him next time. Fish-On!

    Capt Randy

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