8/28/11 report

Sunday August 28th, 2011 — I didn’t try mooching today. Didn’t have time. Too busy rounding up some hungry kings on the troll! Just as I was departing the dock I received a call of a 15 pound king just landed right out by the whistle buoy. They also said the reason they were fishing there was because the weather bumpy. So, what the heck, I put in right at the buoy. Hooked up as we’re setting the gear. We weren’t ready for that so quick so unfortunately we lost that one. After awhile we hooked into another one. Landed this one. Not real big, but a keeper. There was quite a fleet of private boats hanging right by the buoy. The fog was thick. I est. 650 feet of visibility. Just what I like to fish in for salmon. After awhile, with no action, I decided to head up north and look for some better action. I put my gear in right off the end of Laguna Pt. 5 miles north. 60 feet of water seemed to be the spot. I hooked up on a nice double. Landed them both. One weighed in at 23 and the other at 21 pounds. I remained in that circle for the remainder of the trip. Final score; 6 kings for 10 anglers. We also lost some nice ones and had 2 shakers. Fish-On!!

    Capt Randy

Picture L to R; Kurt Meelhiem/Grass Valley 23 lbs, Gary Matlock/Ft. Bragg 21 lbs, Ryan Hoyt/Grass Valley 18 lbs, Charles Hoyt/Grass Valley, Bob Funk/Redbluff, and Rick Goodwin from Penn Valley. Good job everyone!!

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