August 25, 2011 — after taking a well needed day off I’m back. We did go after tuna and scored 9 tuna for 10 anglers. They ranged from 12 to 20 pounds. We ended up getting them inside at about 13 miles. Outside of that it was pretty bumpy. We landed 2 fish out about 18 miles with good water temp but the wind was blowing 20 or so. Eventually we moved in following the inside edge of the temperature break and in about 13.5 miles the weather was a whole different world. Flat and hot. We finally found some birds working some  bait so we trolled through and hooked up our first triple. Finished the day there. Today we went and fished for salmon up in tight off Ten Mile River. We scored one salmon (20 lbs) and one California halibut (12 lbs) both caught by Tim Bruhns out of Nevada City. Tim was fishing with Suzie’s lucky flasher (black/chrome) with a cut anchovy under a purple haze hoochie behind it. We were in 50 feet of water when we hooked the salmon and 25 feet of water for the halibut. We had 4 or 5 other take downs. Fish-On

    Capt Randy

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