Tuesday, August 9th, 2011 — salmon report

We found a few salmon today. As you see, the grade was nice today. Biggest one weighed in at 23 lbs! We fished north 6 miles in 100 feet of water on Ten Mile Beach. The water color was great for salmon. Birds and bait all over the place. The salmon were hanging out right by the bottom. The water temp was 54-56 degrees. One of the salmon had been feeding on squid. It’s getting that time of year. Time to go up and fish the mouth of the Ten Mile river. Between halibut, petrale soul, and salmon, I try to get at least one of these per angler. Final score today was 3 keepers, lost a couple of keepers and had a shaker for 11 anglers. Picture from left to right; Shane and Miles Oswald from Ukiah and regular Bob Ruddock from Clearlake. Miles scored the trophy fish today. Good job Miles! Fish-On!

     Capt Randy

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