End of May rap up report

We have mostly fished for rockfish the second half of May. Salmon hasen’t been real productive. We’ll give the salmon a bit more time. In the meantime, the rockfish and lingcod have been very productive. I had a couple of trips where we had to work at catching them, but all you had to do was put a little effort into it and you went home with a nice bag of fish.  Friday and Saturday I went up north and did some crabbing as well. On Friday the fish seemed like they were going off the bite. But not the lings though. Both days we ended up with 1/2 limits of rockfish and over a ling around and 1/2 limits of crabs for 15 anglers. We fished on the Cleone reef 5 miles north in 80 ft of water and scored our crabs a couple of miles north of there in 40 to 90 ft of water. Catch of the week was a 17 pound ling cod landed by Irma Munoz out of Reno-Picture- (happy birthday Irma!)  Runner up was local Dennis Barney with a limit of lings and a limit of rockfish including a 10 lb capazone! The rest of the month was about the same with 3/4 limits of rockfish and 1/2 to limits of lings. Fish-On!

Capt Randy

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