4/22/11 Report

Had 14 anglers on board today. 9 of them were interested in adding some crab to that as well. At first we went up north by our crab pots and fished for salmon with not much action. Bait looked good but nothing was interested in what we had to offer. I gave the 5 minute warning to go pull our crab pots and next thing you know, “Fish On!!” Then I heard “we have a double”. It turned into a triple of nice fish. We lost two and boated one. After many passes through the same spot, nothing. So we pulled 20 pots and scored 90 jumbo crabs without much effort and headed south to fish for about half an hour by the buoy before heading in. After about 10 minutes of fishing time, “fish on!”. Then, “we’ve got a double!” Landed them both!! Ended up with 3 salmon (biggest one weighing in at 14 lbs) caught by Ron Comstock out of Auburn Ca. Picture; left to right; Taylor Rowe/Sacramento, Ron Comstock, Spencer and Todd Comstock out of Elk Grove. Fish-On

     Capt Randy

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