Saturday April 23rd, 2011

 a.m.– I thought we’d give the crabs a break today and just concentrate on the salmon. We had some action as well as most of the boats out on the water. Our problem was keeping them on the line long enough to put them in the boat. We fished north and south of the whistle buoy but not more than a mile. I stayed in about 200 to 240 ft of water. Nothing in particular was the hot ticket. Most everything we put in the water had some action. Our score was 5 fish in the boat and lost 7 and released 1 shaker. The ocean was flat and very enjoyable to be on. Local Dennis Barney won the fish pot with a 12 pound king. The smallest one weighed in at 9 lbs. Left to Right; regular Susie Copeland, Carrie Lees (local), Dennis Barney (local), Steve Heindl from Lakeport and Rusty Hays from Mendocino, Ca. Fun was had by all! Fish-On

     Capt Randy

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