I have some folks who would like to add some crabs to the menu today so crab and salmon it is. Fished up north in my usual place. Fish not very hungry though. Sounds like there were some fish caught down by the buoy early. After crabbing first thing we tried for some salmon with no avail. Hoping maybe that there will be a late bite, I decided to go in and run our crab pots again. Our second run was better giving us a grand total of 92 crabs for 11 anglers. Then I decided to run down to the buoy and do some last minute fishing. As I was passing by my previous hot spot I noticed all kinds of birds. Pelican’s, murre’s, commorant’s, seagulls and the like. It looked good. I couldn’t pass it up so I stopped and chucked my lines in. At 1:00 we put our first salmon in and by the time we pulled our lines in at 3;30 we had landed a total of 8 kings!!! Good call! Fish-On!

   Capt Randy

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