Fresh salmon for dinner tonight!!

May 4th, 2011– Went back up north and put my crab pots in 55 feet of water off Ten Mile Beach. Headed offshore till the salmon gear was ready to fish. Put the gear in the water in 200 feet of water and trolled around trying not to lose any gear on all the crab pots that are scattered all over the place. Managed to clear them and saw some birds outside of us working the water. Nothing there that is interested in what I am offering.  Started trolling in towards the reef where I had a triple header several days ago. My crew is changing gear and depths and throwing everything but the kitchen sink at them. Finally, it happens. “Hook-up port side”. “We have a double”. Lost them both. That was about 11:30. Time is running out. Pretty soon we have run our crabpots. “Hook-up”. “Double”. “Triple!”. “We have 4 hanging”. I found one little spot in 140 feet of water off the reef and every time I went over it we hooked up. By 1:00 we had limits of salmon for 6 passengers and my deckhand and myself!! Richard Shupack from San Francisco landed to two biggest at 21 and 24 pounds. Awesome fishing! It’s about time. Went in and ran our crabpots and ended up with 67 crabs. Limits for the customers and a few left over for the crew. The current has definitely changed. Not so strong out of the north. Maybe some fish our going to be here for awhile. Picture port to starboard; Jon Ward from Paradise, Richard Shupack from San Francisco, David Williams from Denver Co., Bill Riley from S.F., Dan Marsh from Novato, and local Wayne Giannini. Nice job by everyone. Fish-On!!

    Capt Randy

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