Friday the 13th

5/13/11– Ocean was calm, winds were light and the sun was worming our bones while we patiently awaited for one our rods to start bouncing. The salmon water is here. Chocalate brown with birds working and good tempurature. All we need now is for some hungry salmon. We were fishing about 1/2 way up the beach (6 miles north) in 200-250′ of water. We landed one fish (nice one), lost one due to the handle of the reel fell off, released one shaker and one silver. After our serious effort, we resorted to our crab pots. I had my pots in 30-35′ on the beach and they produced well. A bit slower than I expected but we ended up with 8 around for 10 anglers. Not bad for a bad day of crabbing. I think the fish are here just not hungry. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll keep you all posted. Fish-On!

     Capt Randy

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