May 25th’s salmon report

Once the winds died down, the ocean took no time to calm down. Although the south winds picked up this afternoon. All kinds of weather change today. We found a couple of fish today. Not much other action. Had a couple of bites besides the two we landed. We caught one south of the whistle buoy and the other north about the same distance. Between 200 and 240 feet of water. Lori Garcia from Colfax(left in the picture)  caught the first and the biggest salmon at 17 lbs. She was fishing with a  red and orange hoochie over a cut anchovie behind a flasher down 45′ with a 2 lb weight. Johnny hooked his 16 pound king on the bow downrigger at 40′ with a green/crome crocidile spoon. Johnny Radzik resides in Little River, Ca. Fresh salmon for dinner tonight. Fish-On!

    Capt Randy

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