Saturday May 14th

Decided to go south today and see what fishing is like down off Jughandle. We fished everywhere from 130′ to 300′ of water. Not much action. I talked to a couple of boats that were fishing up north between Virgin Creek and the reef and it sounded like they were having lots of action but not putting anything in the box. I thought I’d stick it out down here, it looks like there should be salmon here. About 10:30 edges started forming and birds started showing up. Maybe some action is about to happen. Then, I saw something fining just underneath the surface alongside the boat. It wasn’t a shark. It wasn’t bait. It wasn’t a bird. But it seemed that every time it broke the surface, it would break it in two places. Like a fin and a tail. I thought it might be a silver that someone had released and was a bit stunned or something. Pretty soon, it was directly in front of the boat. I grabbed my 8′ bait caster and snapped a on it and winged it out there. It landed right next to whatever it was swimming in the water. I didn’t feel any bites so I reeled it back in before I trolled over it and tangled my lines. About 30 seconds later “Fish-On”. Could it be? We’ll never know, but we did land a 16 pound king right then! Holding up his prize, is Jim Smith out of Hamilton City Ca. After that we had some action. We ended up landing one more fish around 12 pounds caught by Linda Abbott from Willows. The picture with her holding her fish didn’t turn out very good so “sorry Linda” you’ll just have to come back and we’ll do it again. We also released some shakers and a couple of silvers. Boats around us were catching as well. When the fish turned on, we were in about 280 ft of water about 1.5 miles southwest of the buoy. Fish-On!

    Capt Randy

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