June ?

June 4th, 2011– We went out after rockfish and crab today. Some strange weather we’re having. I think we’re still in March. We had an offshore wind today. Usually 20 to 30 kts. The ocean was flat, but the drift was strong. First thing we did was head up to Ten Mile Beach to get our crab pots fishing. Then we went to try our luck at some rockfish. If you worked your gear, you could get some fish, but it was tough. The grade of fish was excellent. Lots of big blacks and some nice reds too. My thoughts were that the winds were going to blow through early so at 10:00 I decided to go run our crab pots and maybe give some time for the winds to die down. The pots yielded good counts. On our first run we scored 74 crabs out of 20 pots. Not bad for a 2 hour soak. When we got back to our rockfishing grounds, the wind was blowing even harder. We fished for another hour and a half and returned back at the crab grounds to stack our pots. We added another 55 crabs to make our grand total 129! Just over 9 per person. Final score on fish was about 1/2 limits with 1 keeper ling. Picture; Deckhand Sean Thornton (left) and to his right passenger Shawn Blower out of Willits, Ca. are showing off one of our better pots with 9 keepers and 4 throwbacks. Fun was had by all. Fish-On!

   Capt Randy

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