Salmon report

June 14, 2011– This is typical June weather. Lots of wind, white water over the sides, and salmon jumping in the boat. We’re only missing one thing… the fish jumping in the boat. Actually we had some pretty good action considering all. Not as good as what I heard yesterday. We had a little bit tougher weather today. The wind stayed just offshore although we certainly felt the residual effects of it. The waves were steep and close together. That and the fish that we landed were very strong. Together they made for a challenge. We had lots of other action but only ended up with 5 nice salmon. We went back out in the afternoon and went north instead and found a couple of keepers. One was 11 and the other was 12 pounds caught by Dawson Hall/Orangevale and Wes Smith/Placerville respectively. We’ll go see what we can round up tomorrow (weather permitting). Fish-On!

    Capt Randy

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