Summary report of the remainder of the week. On Wed. the salmon really started to bite. Most of the fish were caught Northwest of Fort Bragg about 5 to 6 miles out in anywhere from 150 to 250 feet of water. The fish would go on and off the bite throughout the day. If you were in the right place at the right time you would score. If you were not in the right place, it was too late. By the time you get to the spot, it would be over. Lots of private boaters went in with limits of 20 pounders while others struggled to land a fish. I heard of a ton of fish being lost. Some guys ran out of bait and had to go in to get more. We fell under all of the above. On Wed. I scored one around. On Thursday we did a crab/salmon combo. We scored limits of crab (110 for 11 people) but fell short on the salmon. We landed some, but it’s tough doing both this late in the season. Today, 7/17, I went rockfishing. We had a great trip. The lings were scarce, but quality rockfish were filling the bags. The ocean has been flat calm for a few days now, but I think that will come to an end by Wed. or Thurs. Yesterday a couple of private boats brought in the first albacore of the season. 25 fish scores caught out at the noll 35 miles. Weather should hold for that a couple more days. Fish-On!

    Capt Randy

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