Salmon fishing

July 27th, 2011 — We fished 6 miles northwest of Ft. Bragg today. Not many boats out. I think the forecast scared them off. The ocean turned out to be rather nice today. The south wind picked about the time we headed in. We had some pretty good action today. We landed 6 salmon and lost several, had a couple of shakers and a couple of silvers. The fish were feeding today. Their teeth were sticking straight up and sharp. We had three salmon chew through the leaders. I’ve already ordered heavier leaders. For now, I will tie up some myself until they get in. Biggest fish was landed by Wally Walling out of Wallace Ca. weighing in at 25 pounds. Fish-On!

    Capt Randy

 Picture left to right; Linda Mathews/Modesto, Jacqui Johnson/Philo, Wally Walling and Joan Bohl/Wallace, Chuck and Doreen Fletcher/Grass Valley.

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