Summery of the last few days

Today is the 10th of July. My season is half way over. We went salmon fishing today and scratched out one fish. The fish were biting for a few days. On Thursday we scored one around again. With the size of the fish, it only takes one!! Both salmon and rock cod fishing are hit and miss. Rockfish prefer 55 degree water and clear. If the brown water (plankton) moves in all the way to the beach, the rockfish don’t like to bite. If I can find clear water, we end up doing real well. Yesterday we fished rock cod and the people who fished went home with some nice bags of fish. For the ones who didn’t feel good, it was a tough go. The salmon fishing is about the same. It seems when the current switches out of the south, the bite picks up for a couple of days. Then the current switches around to be coming from the north and they seem to vacate. The ocean has been sloppy for a couple of weeks too. Of course, that doesn’t hurt the salmon fishing, but it sure is making me tired. It’s supposed to calm down tomorrow. Fish-On!

         Capt Randy

Picture left to right; Bill Hill , Shannon Anderson from Napa,Dennis Castrillo,  with a 28.5 lb and also a 17 lb. salmon is taking home the prize and then some!! Next is Dennis Lawrence, Alan Marshall, Steve Osborne and local Jack Thomas. Other big fish catcher’s that are not in the picture are; Troy Mellot with a 18 lb king and Jeff Bon with a 23 lb king.


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