Yesterday I got beat-up. I only landed one salmon but some other boats ended up with limits. I think Don went in early with limits for 6 anglers and his kid Kurt had a nice score too. Today I went back up to Ward Av. and fished where Don had his fish. We fished in 40 to 60 feet of water. Lots of bait, brown water, birds everywhere. Now all we need is some fish. We first we have to put our lines in the water. I went to the back of the boat and went to put a line in and I just hit the freespool until it hit the bottom. Boom! One bounce and fish on! We ended up landing 4 salmon by the end of the trip and lost a couple of nice ones. Starting on the left are Jacqui and Bob from Philo and Big Bob Ruddock from Lakeport with his 20 pounder. Nice job everyone! Fish-On

     Capt Randy

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