Afternoon salmon!!

P.M. trip for salmon proved to be successful. I received a report yesterday that there were some salmon caught right out front but down deep. So I spent some effort and mounted two downriggers on the stern of my boat. This afternoon I went looking for the salmon deep. It turned out the salmon decided to come up for the afternoon. We caught most of our fish on the mid ship rods. They were fishing 40 to 60 feet down with a 10 lb lead on a downrigger. Smaller fish than we’re used to, however with the slow bite we’ve had lately, any keeper is a nice sight. We ended up with 9 salmon for 11 anglers. We lost a few and released a couple of silvers. Overall, we had lots of action. Gabe Newbrun-mintz landed the biggest one weighing in at 13 lbs. Gabe is seen here showing off our catch. Nice job Gabe!! Fish-On!

   Capt Randy

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