August 27th, 2011

I went offshore looking for some good fishing. We stopped at about 6 miles NW and put our lines in the water. I was marking some bait but nothing special. The water was warm all the way out. We trolled there for about an hour with no results so I picked my gear up and ran north for a half hour or so. I put in in 250 feet of water off the Winery just north of Ten Mile River. The conditions looked considerably better. Lots of birds, good looking bait balls, but the water is still 56 degrees. Not much happened there so I aimed for the mouth of Ten Mile River. We trolled around there with still no results. When I gave the ten minute warning, (that’s all it took) fish-on!! Landed it, a nice 15 pound king caught by Clint Womack out of Stockton. So I gave another 10 minute warning, and, Fish-On again! Dave May from Sacramento landed an 11 pound king. Eventually we lost one more and finally called it a day. So, that’s it. A couple of fish. We tried hard for them and everyone had a good time (well, almost everyone). I think tomorrow I am going to try some mooching. Wish me luck. Fish-On

    Capt Randy

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