Salmon/Albacore report

Today is Sunday August 21st. I’ve been birdwatching the last couple of days. Yesterday the ocean started laying down real nice. Today, even better. Right now the swell at the Pt Arena buoy is 2.3 ft. Sounds like there’s a chance it might stay nice through Friday. I talked to a couple of friends that were fishing today and I am hearing good reports. The warm water is moving in as we speak. I got my first report this afternoon and it sounded like a wide open bite around 22 to 24 miles straight out. TUNA!!!! I don’t know what the size was, and I don’t care. WIDE OPEN BITE!!!! I talked to another friend who caught limits (4) salmon up on the beach, made a quick jump and got some abalone and then went in grabbed another boat with fuel and headed out to the warm water. He called me at about 6 this evening and said he was coming in the river with 12 or 15 albacore. He heard they were caught into about 16 miles. So… my point, I am scheduling a Tuna trip on Tuesday if the weather holds. If anyone is interested, call me at 964-8770. I’ll take the first 10 anglers. Fish-On!!!

    Capt Randy

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