9/10/11 Salmon report

Saturday September 10th — Went out with a light load today. Forecast is supposed to be calm seas. We cruised up north looking for some good signs of salmon. The bait was pretty much everywhere so I was looking for something to stick out. I didn’t see anything really special so I traveled up towards the mouth of Ten Mile River hoping to pick up (if not salmon) some California halibut. We hooked up on a couple of salmon early and landed one of them. After a while, the south wind started to blow. It picked up to 20 kts pretty steady. I thought maybe we’d pick up our gear and look for something a little bit closer to home. I headed toward pudding crk. In tight there can be a good place for big kings to hang out late in the year. After reaching pudding crk. and getting our gear set in the water, it took no time for the rods to start pumping. It was pretty choppy and hard to stand up and fight a fish. We ended up landing one more and losing several. We gave it about 1/2 hour and decided to let these fish get bigger. We had fun but I sure would have liked it if we would have landed one or two more of them. Tomorrow’s another day. Fish-On!

   Picture; Julie Hawkins from Ione Ca. with bro Fred Vessey (local). Guess what’s for dinner tonight?

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