Telstar* departed a little behind schedule today. I waited for some anglers that I thought were coming but after 15 minutes or so, I decided it’s time to head for the crab grounds. It’s about a 15 ft. swell today, but it’s not raining and the winds are calm. So off we go up north. I have 15 pots in the water and I am going to throw another 10 in just in case. After pulling the 15 pots already soaking we only needed 10 more to make limits. The swell was supposed to subside today, but I think it’s getting bigger so I am going to bring the 10 in that I dropped on the way out. We scored our last 10 crabs to make a grand total of 140 crabs and threw back another 20 to 30 nice keepers. Food for everyone!!! Fish-on!

Pic; Ruby and Sal Flores (left) and Max and Cindy Root from Yuba City are showing off the hot pot of the day. 24 big crabs. A person could get used to this real easy! Enjoy guys and thanks for coming.

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