Crabbing; it just doesn’t get any better than this!!

11/21/11– We had a few extras show this morning. We left the dock a little after 0700 hrs and arrived at Ten Mile Beach about 40 minutes later. The ocean conditions are very enjoyable. I have 18 pots on the deck and we need to get them in the water and fishing asap. At about 0800 hrs we started checking the pots that I left in the water from two days ago. Some were a bit light cause the starfish were clogging up the pots. But then, towards the end of the 14 pot string, we started scoring. The pot in the picture was our best score with 25 keepers!! Sarah Mitchel from Sabestapol is showing her excitement about it. Great fun! That string yielded an average of 11 crabs per pot. We need a total of 210crabs for limits. By 0930 hrs (after one hour since we put our first pots in the water) we started checking them. We needed about 60 crabs or so. They were looking good! Lots of crabs and big too. About the 5th pot into a 10 pot string, we hit the mother lode! 16 keepers in one pot on a 1 hour soak. SCORE!! That’s a record for that short of a soak. That did it. Limits for 21 anglers aboard the F/V Telstar* and back to the dock at 1030 hrs. Fish-On!!

     Capt Randy

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