Crabs R in!!

11/10/11– After scoring limits easy on Tuesday for 20 anglers, today was a walk in the park. What a nice day to be on the ocean. The sun was shinning, the winds were calm, the ocean was flat, and the crabs were out in full force! We had a light load today with a total of 6 counting the crew. We cruised up to Ten Mile beach where my crab pots are soaking and decided to run the string in 65 ft of water. We did have a couple of empty pots thanks to the starfish but that didn’t slow us down much. We ran a total of 8 pots for 60 nice crabs. Back at the dock by 9:30 with the pot of boiling water just waiting for something to kill the boil. By 10:30 we were chowing on fresh warm crab. Nothing beats fresh seafood! Fish-On!

    Capt Randy

Pic; On the left is senior deckhand (and my oldest son) Sean. Helping him on the right is Brad Reid from Santa Rosa. This pot produced 16 big crabs and we threw back 4 that were so, so.

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