July 19th, 2012 salmon report

7/19/12– Yesterday I went back out to the Caspar high spot but the fish didn’t cooperate the same. The ocean was flat and there is bait and birds everywhere. After a while, we trolled in side to some shallower water. Finally we hooked up. The first one was shaker (undersized). Then we hooked up on another. This one we landed and it was a nice one! Weighed in at 18 pounds. Nothing else after that. We spotted some whales and they showed us a pretty good show. Ending score; 1 fish. Someone is eating fresh fish for dinner tonight

Today we started off slow. I saw lots of action all around us. We put in just before we can get to the whistle buoy. Like I say, I saw lots of action. After awhile, I had all I could handle, so we took off looking for some fish that interested in what I have to offer. We ran up to Cloene Pt.  (about 5 miles) and put my lines in the water. In no time we had one on! We worked that spot for the rest of the trip. Ending score was 5 nice fish for 7 anglers. Biggest one weight at 16 pounds.    Picture; center; Ryan Roettger from Puarto Rico is getting some help from deckhand Josh Schnieder showing off this nice catch! The forecast is for one more day of flat weather. I think I’m going bace up north and try my luck up there tomorrow. Fish-On!!

      Capt Randy

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