Salmon report

7/17/12 — I left the dock with high hopes of finding some good action. There hasn’t been much of a real bite for a couple of days now, so I went looking. I decided to head out to the high spot. Off Caspar, there are 3 high spots that come up from 400 feet to as shallow as 280 feet on the southern most high spot. I started off looking at the farthest one to the north. The conditions in the water looked great. Lots of birds spending most of their time underwater feeding. The winds were calm and the seas flat. The fog was thick, which is what i like to see. I like fishing salmon in the fog because I can work a school of fish better if boats arn’t coming into it from all directions. We started out with a triple hook-up. Lost all 3. Darn. I turned around and went through the same spot again. This time we were in for a treat. 12 rods out of 17 hooked up. We ended up landing all but 2 of them. After that I never found them again. We lost a few in the second half of the trip. The grade of salmon was exellent. With the biggest one weigning in at 21 pounds( left center) caught by Bob Ruddock out of Lake Port. Second biggest fish goes to Will Delacorte out of Davis with a salmon that weighed just over 15 pounds. Fish-On!
    Capt Randy

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