August 3rd & 4th rockfish

Johnny Miller from Paridise, Ca. caught almost 30 lbs of lingcod!

8/3/12 — The Telstar* traveled south today going after rockfish and lingcod. The first drift was excellent! We caught 1/3 limits right away plus 1/2 dozen lings. Then the wind began to blow out of the south. That changed everything. The drift changed direction and speed. So I went looking for some protection from the wind but I think it had a negative effect on the bite. It didn’t help that the temperature felt like it was going to snow. Needless to say, the weather took all of us by surprise. We ended up ok. We had 3/4 limits of rockfish and a dozen lings. Picture on the left- left to right- Laura Gonzales from Alamo Ca. 10 and 8 lb ling, Emily McClellan from Gridley, Ca. holding a 8 and 6 lb ling and the winner is… Macy McClellan also from Gridley holding a 15 pound lingcod that she landed!

  Saturday’s report is simmilar except the weather was considerably nicer. If the ocean stays this nice I should except to see Albacore within the next couple of days! Fish-On!

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