Sept 21st, 2012 — We were at the right place at the right time today! We fished north 3 miles off Pudding Crk in 65 ft of water. Right off the bat, “fisn-on!!” Score one nice salmon for the Telstar*. Shortly after that “fish-on!!” There’re 2. Next thing you know we hooked into a double (I don’t even have my bow rods in yet). The action remained like that for about one and a half hours. After that they went off the bite. We ended up landing 6 out of the 7 salmon hooked. We lost the last one we had on, and it was fighting better than any of the ones we landed ( and they were all nice grade except one, but it will be the best tasting!). Most fo the fish were caught on an anchovy under a scrambled egg hoochie behind a flasher at 50′ with a 2 lb ball. Biggest one was landed by Suzie Copeland out of El Paso TX. She also had another fish which wasn’t much smaller. Great times were had by all. 4 anglers with 6 salmon! Fish-On!!

Capt Randy

Picture left to right; Suzie , Jeremy Jones, and Brad Bray all three out of Chico Ca.

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