End of the year report

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December 2012– I did about 10 crab trips during the month of December. Scored limits on every trip. That winds up the year with another perfect record. Limits every trip of the crab season so far. I would like to keep that record hopefully through Feb. Nice size crabs and full of meat. We’ve had a pretty strong ground swell most of the month which is caused by weather systems up in Alaska and northern Washington. So most of our crabs have been coming from deeper water than usual for me. I have 15 pots that I leave in the water most of the time and another 15 on the boat that I put in if I need to. I will usually bring those in every trip. I don’t think I have had to put them in the water hardly at all this month. I have been getting limits out of the pots that I leave out. We’ve averaged about 100 crabs per trip. Most days I am back at the dock no later than 10:00 in the morning. The whale migration started about a month ago and by now there are lots of whales out. Nice little bonus to go with a limit of crabs! Here are just a couple of pictures from that last couple of trips. Happy New Year to everybody and hears to hoping this next year brings us just a little bit more season to fish. Fish-on

Capt Randy

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