March 23rd report

March 23rd, 2013 — Still doing the crab thing. It’s not as good as the last couple of years, but we’re still scratching out limits. Just not as easy as the last couple of years. Nice big one’s too. Today we went up to Ten Mile Beach, which is where I do almost all of my crabbing, and scored limits for 6 anglers and back to the dock by 10:15. I have 15 pots out that were soaking from the last trip and I put in 6 on the way up just to give me a buffer in case my other pots don’t produce like I except. Well, they did produce. Our best pot had 11 nice keepers in it (pic). We still needed a couple more for the crew to have full limits so on our way back home we grabbed our 6 pots and did just that. Filled our limits for everyone on the boat! The forecast was bad but fortunately wrong and the weather turned out nice. We saw whales on the way to and from the crab grounds. Nice little bonus for the people. Good times!! Fish-On!!        from left to right; Tammy  Paul and Jesse Hollis from Orville Ca. and Vicki and Jack  Pedley from Yuba City Ca.

Capt Randy

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