Salmon Opener

4/6/13 report– Telstar* went out today for the first time of the year for salmon. Lots of boats out today, the weather is nice. We’re doing a crab combo so I fished up north by our crabpots. The crabbing was kind of slow (expected this time of year) but we did manage to scratch out 5 crab per person for a full boat. A total of 85 crabs. As far as the salmon fishing went; since we spent the first part of our trip crabbing that gave the other boats time to either find the fish for us or at least let us know where not to go. Well, they let us know where not to go. So I started outside of our crabpots in about 200 ft of water. Lots of bait and bird activity but no bites. So I trolled around, in and out, up and down. It looked good most everywhere. Finally, “hook up!!” Kent Clemenco from Arnold, Ca. hooked into the first salmon of the year for the Telstar* and landed it. Not a bad fish. About a 12 pounder. We were in 140 ft of water just off Cleone Reef. We ended up scoring 2 more and lost one. The biggest catch of the day was a 14.5 lb king caught by Jim  Darrow out of Kelseyville. Good job Jim! Everybody enjoyed the day and went home with some nice fresh seafood. Fish-On!

Pic from left to right; Kent Clemenco, Rose Tse from Santa Rosa, and Jim Darrow

Capt Randy

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