Salmon where are you?

May 3rd, 2013–Finally got a break in the weather. The wind has been blowing for what seems like ever. Went out looking for some hungry king salmon. Well, we found lots of bait, and birds but not very many hungry salmon. We had one on and landed it. 10 lbs caught by 12 year old Robert Mikeworth from Globe Arizona. Robert was fishing with a 2 lb weight at 50 pulls. He was trolling a green flasher in front of a cut anchovy with a scrambled egg hoochie over it. We were fishing down south off the yellow house in about 150 ft of water. The water was clear and cold. We saw a couple of fish landed next to us as well. Overall, a pretty slow day on the ocean. On the upside, I had some great people on the boat and the weather was very nice. Everyone had a great time. Fish-On

Capt Randy

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