June 1st salmon report


6/1/13 report– Not too many boats out today. The forecast was not for the timid. I told my customers this morning that the best case scenario is that it is going to be rough. I had a group of 10 from Willits, and they have been fishing with me several times and I knew if they said they could handle it that they could. So off we went to at least see what the conditions were like. After getting out there, we decided that it was fishable. We were 4 miles north in 250 ft of water. Not too soon after, we hooked up on one of our bow rods. One thing led to another and we ended up with 8 salmon. Biggest one weighing in at 20.5 lbs. caught by Jeff Kroppmann from Willits. We only lost a couple of salmon which is great considering the conditions.
   Pic; from left to right– Kevin Crook/Willits-17.5 & 16 lb, Jeff Kroppmann/Willits-20.5 lb, Bob Ruddock/Lake County, Steve Ford/Willits, Jacob Hood/Willits, and Jim Barrett/Ukiah. Great job guys!!
    Capt Randy

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