Salmon are here!!

6/17/13–No picture to show off with but let me tell you, there were some salmon caught today. I took the day off to do some maintenance on the boat. But yesterday afternoon Kevin on the F/V Ambush went out in the afternoon and came back early with limits for 4 customers. He said the brown water had moved in along with lots of bait and birds. He was right! This morning I started hearing reports and I liked what I was hearing. So this evening I had to take my family out and see if we could get a taste of the action. It was happening alright. Nice brown water, birds all over the place pounding the water. We even saw several fish jump clean out of the water. I hooked the first fish on my rod. I was fishing with a green spoon down 18 ft on the downrigger. Nice fish. It took almost 20 minutes to get it in. Of coarse I was fishing with 15 lb test line on a G-Loomis bait casting rod. What a blast. That fish weighed in at 26.5 lbs. We also had 2 other fish on at the same time. Unfortunately they came off. But not much longer and I had another fish on my rod. It was smaller but still a nice fish. My youngest son, Garrett, ended up landing one on my rod and it topped my fish by 1/2 pound. We ended up with a total of 5 fish. Guess what’s for dinner at my house! We were fishing straight out in 330 ft of water. On top of all of that, the ocean was flat and no wind! Good day to be on the water! Lets hope they stick around for awhile. From the looks of the water, I think they will. Fish-On!!

Capt Randy

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