12/15/13 crab report

IMG_127512/15/13– Today was the first trip in 2 weeks. It was a good thing. We needed to give the crabs some space. We left the dock at 11:00 or so with 13 anglers looking for some crabs. I went out this morning and set a dozen pots out front in 30 fathoms. I thought we would stop on the way in and see how they look. Well, fortunatley we didn’t need for them to work. Although we didn’t get limits, we ended up with 6 to 7 crabs per angler. Quite a boost from the last trip. Most of the crew today was my wife’s class mates. The ocean was calm and the sun even decided to shine a bit. We stopped on some whales on the way in and got some nice views. I think everybody enjoyed themselves. I know they all worked hard for the crabs we caught. Good job girls!! Final scorfe was 85 crabs out of 20 pots. Fish-On

Capt Randy

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