Limits of crabs!!

fIMG_0070Feb 16th, 2014–We had a big family on board today looking for lots of crabs so they can have a big crab feed. Well, today was a good day for that. The rain stopped and the winds calmed. The crabs, well, they were there and hungry. We averaged over 6 crabs per pot! When we got done with our first string we needed 15 crabs to make our target number of 100. So we went out and ran some of my outside string (which are in about 170 ft. of water) and low and behold, on a 2 day soak, we scored 27 crabs out of 3 pots. One of them had a couple of 8 inchers in it!! Everbody worked really hard and pitched in when needed. Fun was had by all. I even ended up with some for dinner. I sure am glad to see some good counts showing again. I hope everyone had a very Happy Valentines Day weekend. We did! Fish-On!
     Capt Randy

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