End of January crabbing report

1/31/2015–Well, the first month of 2015 is behind us now. I fished just about 1/2 the month for crabs (since that’s the only thing a person can fish for from a boat here right now). We did good with pulling limits 80% of trips. On some of my trips , I’ve only averaged a crab per pot. Tough! That just means we have to pull a lot of pots. So that’s what we did. Like I say, limits 80% of the time. The ocean overall has been very nice. Today when I came in at noon, it was 64 degrees. Not to mention all the whales out. I saw a whale breach this morning while we were  crabbing, and again later when I was actually on a whale watching trip. Today’s trip was better. We averaged 6 crabs per pot. Nice big ones too. This year most certainly has  been the nicest grade. We had several pots with over 10 keepers in them with the best one having 12. I hope that is a sign of things to come. If not, we’ll still have fun hunting them! Fish-On!!

Capt Randy


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