End of February crab report

I’ve averaged 3 trips a week so far this month and we’ve had to work at it, but we usually end up scoring limits. On one Saturday I had 18 boycotts and we ended up with 1/2 limits. But the next day we scored limits for 12. I’m writing this on the 26th, and the last trip we threw back quite a few soft shells. We still ended up with what we needed. Well, we were 3 short for 5 anglers. That’s still not bad, 9 1/2 apiece. I’ve been moving my pots around and I’ve been putting my go pro down in the pots and am learning about the crabs behavior. I don’t know what I’m learning, but someday maybe it will all make sense. Until then, as long as I can score limits or at least close to limits of crabs for my customers, it all good! The last two weeks the weather has been really nice. A couple of days were almost 70 degrees out on the water. Nice! Fish-On!

Capt Randy
Picture; 4 year old Zoe Steele with dad/senior deckhand Casey on the way in from our last trip. IMG_0501

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