2015 salmon season is here!

April 8th, 2015— I just wish that someone  would’ve told the salmon. There were a few salmon caught over the opening weekend. A very few. I certainly expected better action than what we had. Thankfully we’re still going after crab. Crabbing has seemed to of picked up. Today , we did a combo (salmon and crab). We had one bite early on in the fishing part of the trip, and then when we went to pick the gear up and go home, we hooked into a nice one. Salmon that is. It gave a good fight and took some line off the reel. But, in the end, the salmon won. Only to be bigger when we do land him. Other than that, the crabbing saved out buts again. We had limits of crabs for 12 anglers. Nice big meaty one’s too! My inside string was kind of lite, but my outside string of crab pots produced rather well with about a 10+ crab per pot average. The best pot was 19 keepers (picture). A great bunch of people and great weather. Made for a great day on the water! Fish-On,

Capt Randy


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