April 21st, 2015– I think the picture speaks louder than words. What you don’t see is the 100 crabs we had to go with them. It was a great day on the ocean today. We fished out front for a couple of hours and picked up 8 salmon and then decided to go get some crabs. A couple of hours later after scoring limits of crabs we decided to troll on the way home. The forecast is calling for wind today, but so far it’s stayed offshore. We found some bait and some nice edges offshore in about 350′ of water off Laguna Pt. and the salmon found it too. We put 4 nice ones in in a short amount of time. Which was a good thing, because the wind is upon us. Good time to call it a day. With the wind at our backs, it made for a very enjoyable ride home! End results, 12 salmon for 10 anglers and limits if crabs as well. Fish-On!

Capt RandyIMG_1556

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