Lingcod are here!!

May 16th,2015– Well, it’s opening weekend for rockfish and lingcod. I don’t know what to say except fishing was great! and so was the catching!! The season actually opened yesterday. And I did so good yesterday, with 41 lingcod, that I thought I’d go back t that spot again today. It payed off! Today, we ended up with 65 lings!! Just one shy of limits for 22 anglers. Had I known that, we would have stayed to get it. But, by the time we had an accurate count we were pretty much in. The rockfish?? They were a bit of a different story. We didn’t have limits of rockfish, however what we had were nice grade. A mixture of blacks, blues, olives, china cod, a couple of cab ozone, a few nice reds, and lots of big smiles. We did end up with 3/4 limits of rockfish. Yesterday, a young boy by the name of Matt Brown landed a double of lings! The biggest of the 2 was 12.5 lbs. Which turned out to be the biggest on of the trip. Today the grade a just a bit bigger with the biggest one weighing in at 16 lbs. That fish was landed by Rick Foster out of Megallia. Second runner up was Randy King with the first ling on the boat for the day weighing in 12.5 lbs. I think the picture says it all. Fish-On!

Capt RandyIMG_1563

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