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August 3rd & 4th rockfish

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Johnny Miller from Paridise, Ca. caught almost 30 lbs of lingcod!

8/3/12 — The Telstar* traveled south today going after rockfish and lingcod. The first drift was excellent! We caught 1/3 limits right away plus 1/2 dozen lings. Then the wind began to blow out of the south. That changed everything. The drift changed direction and speed. So I went looking for some protection from the wind but I think it had a negative effect on the bite. It didn’t help that the temperature felt like it was going to snow. Needless to say, the weather took all of us by surprise. We ended up ok. We had 3/4 limits of rockfish and a dozen lings. Picture on the left- left to right- Laura Gonzales from Alamo Ca. 10 and 8 lb ling, Emily McClellan from Gridley, Ca. holding a 8 and 6 lb ling and the winner is… Macy McClellan also from Gridley holding a 15 pound lingcod that she landed!

  Saturday’s report is simmilar except the weather was considerably nicer. If the ocean stays this nice I should except to see Albacore within the next couple of days! Fish-On!


Monday, August 6th, 2012

Still a scratchy bite for the Telstar*. Best catch of the trip was a 15 pound king landed by Ed Reeves out of Cameron Park, Ca.

nice one Ed!!

Fresh Lingcod!!!

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Sunday July 29th, 2012– We did a 3/4 day trip up north looking for bigger and better fishing. We found just that. The ocean was calmer than down close to home port. The sun was shinning and the winds were calm. Oh yea, the fish were biting too! We ended up 16 miles north of Fort Bragg off of Abalone Pt. in about 70 to 90 feet of water. It wasn’t a wide open bite until towards the end. We ended up with limits of Lings and limits of rockfish for 13 anglers. We fished light tackle. 15 to 20 lb test line with spinning reels and baitcasters with 3 oz jigs and a teaser hook above. The lings were snapping so good, we were catching them two at a time. Great fun with great people! The biggest ling was 17 pounds caught by John Wilkens out of Branscomb Ca. Runner up was a 14 pound ling landed by Roy Wade also from Branscomb. Great job everyone! Fish-On!!

    Capt Randy

Rockfish report

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

7/28/12– This afternoon we fish north about 3.5 miles in 50 to 70 feet of water for some rockfish and lingcod. Good choice. Turns out they were hungry! My 20 anglers had a blast catching all kinds of rockfish and lingcod. We had quite a few kids on the boat and they had lots of fun. Are final score was about 1/2 to 3/4 limits of rockfish and 13 lings! The grade of rockfish was excellent too. The biggest ling was caught by birthday boy Todd Bashore out of Willits Ca. weighing in at a whopping 21.5 lbs!! Second runner up was 16 lb ling landed by Tom Nichols from Chico Ca.  Picture from left to right; Wayne Bashore with a 6 lb capazone, Todd Bashore, Tom Nichols and Jeremy Callahan with a 6.5 lb Vermillion! Fish-On!!

     Capt Randy

Salmon anyone?

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

7/28/12– Rod Bartholf from Redwood Valley is showing one of the few salmon that were caught this week on my boat. We’re trying hard and throwing everything at them. But still we wait. Rod caught his 17 lb king in 60 ft of water off Virgin Creek about 3 miles north of Ft. Bragg. We ended up with one other king weighing in at 21 lbs. Nice average, just need more of them. fish-On!

    Capt Randy

Lingcod action!

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

7/26/12 — We went out after rockfish and lingcod today. The salmon haven’t been real hungry the last couple of days. The ocean was calm (a bit chilly out though) and the lingcod seemed to be on the prowl. We ended up with about a ling per rod average with a nice grade. Biggest one was landed by Chris Stellar out of Pasadena Ca. weighing in at 19 pounds. Fish tacos for dinner tonight!! We fished south about 3 to 4 miles in 50 to 100 feet of water. Our best action was closer to home just south of Hare Creek. A great group of people for a great day of fishing! Good job everyone. Fish-On!

    Capt Randy

July 21st, 2012

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

7/21/12– The forecast was calling for winds and they’re not too far away. The wind never came all the way in to the beach, but the effects of the wind did. The ocean was kind of sloppy. But the sun  was shining and the fish were starting to get hungry. I fished salmon both trips. The morning trip was not very successful though. We landed 2 and lost several. Biggest one landed was 14 pounds by Douglas Hendericks from Albion. The afternoon, however, was a bit more productive (picture). We didn’t lose as many and managed to land 12 kings! The grade was very good. Biggest one landed by Lex Whatley from Marysville , Ca. weighing in at 19 1/2 lbs! Nice job Lex. The rest of them weren’t much smaller. We caught these nice kings about 6 miles north off of Ten Mile Beach in about 120 ft. of water. The fish were biting most everything we threw at them from Tequila Sunrise to Green/glo/jailbird. The hottest depth was 30 feet down. Fish-On!

     Capt Randy

7/20/12 fishing report

Friday, July 20th, 2012

July 20 — I thought I’d take advantage of what might be the last flat day for awhile and go south looking for some big hungry rockfish and lingcod. We went down below Pt. Cabrillo Lighthouse and fished most of the trip between 60 and 110 feet of water. The drift was just right. Not too much, but just enough to cover some ground. We averaged 3/4 limits of nice rockfish and 22 lings for 20 anglers. We were fishing with light tackle ugly styx with a 2-3 oz torpedo jig with a teaser hook above. Put just a dab of squid on one of the hooks and you have what the fish wanted this day. Chuck Bolls from Susanville, Ca. scored the biggest fish with a 13 lb Lingcod. Click on the picture and behind it you will Mark Bertolini out of Santa Rosa and his friend showing of a sample of their catch. Nice job everyone! Fish-On!!

    Capt Randy

P.M. Trip; We fished up north for salmon this afternoon. We had lots of action, but didn’t land very many. We ended up with 5 salmon for 17 anglers. Big fish on this trip was landed by Robert Rowe out of Phoenix, Az. weighing in at 14 lbs!  Fish-On!

July 19th, 2012 salmon report

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

7/19/12– Yesterday I went back out to the Caspar high spot but the fish didn’t cooperate the same. The ocean was flat and there is bait and birds everywhere. After a while, we trolled in side to some shallower water. Finally we hooked up. The first one was shaker (undersized). Then we hooked up on another. This one we landed and it was a nice one! Weighed in at 18 pounds. Nothing else after that. We spotted some whales and they showed us a pretty good show. Ending score; 1 fish. Someone is eating fresh fish for dinner tonight

Today we started off slow. I saw lots of action all around us. We put in just before we can get to the whistle buoy. Like I say, I saw lots of action. After awhile, I had all I could handle, so we took off looking for some fish that interested in what I have to offer. We ran up to Cloene Pt.  (about 5 miles) and put my lines in the water. In no time we had one on! We worked that spot for the rest of the trip. Ending score was 5 nice fish for 7 anglers. Biggest one weight at 16 pounds.    Picture; center; Ryan Roettger from Puarto Rico is getting some help from deckhand Josh Schnieder showing off this nice catch! The forecast is for one more day of flat weather. I think I’m going bace up north and try my luck up there tomorrow. Fish-On!!

      Capt Randy

Salmon report

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

7/17/12 — I left the dock with high hopes of finding some good action. There hasn’t been much of a real bite for a couple of days now, so I went looking. I decided to head out to the high spot. Off Caspar, there are 3 high spots that come up from 400 feet to as shallow as 280 feet on the southern most high spot. I started off looking at the farthest one to the north. The conditions in the water looked great. Lots of birds spending most of their time underwater feeding. The winds were calm and the seas flat. The fog was thick, which is what i like to see. I like fishing salmon in the fog because I can work a school of fish better if boats arn’t coming into it from all directions. We started out with a triple hook-up. Lost all 3. Darn. I turned around and went through the same spot again. This time we were in for a treat. 12 rods out of 17 hooked up. We ended up landing all but 2 of them. After that I never found them again. We lost a few in the second half of the trip. The grade of salmon was exellent. With the biggest one weigning in at 21 pounds( left center) caught by Bob Ruddock out of Lake Port. Second biggest fish goes to Will Delacorte out of Davis with a salmon that weighed just over 15 pounds. Fish-On!
    Capt Randy